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It may have been written, but it hasn’t been written by you.

A 5 minute creative Aquarelle Excercise for the closing of Gabrielle Roy Library by Moi

Self Promote yourself on other Social Medias

An involuntary selfie taken at the Kamelot Shadow Tour Show in Qc City.

Write about what you like first, what others like second

A very Good Book That I Quite Enjoyed

99 Things I Love

A writing prompt by Janine Ripper. ( https://reflectionsfromaredhead.com/ )

Need some writing inspiration? Here’s a wonderful reflective writing prompt called 99 Things I love. This is something I try to write about every year.

Senor Salsa (creation par JennArt ) wanting to take a swim

 » How does it work?

Easy peasy lemon squeasy.

All you need to do is to write a list of 99 things you love!

This may SOUND hard but the key to success is to think small or to not think at all and to just go with the flow. If you can’t finish it in one sitting, then write your list over a several hours, days or even weeks!

To show you how easy it is, here’s my third 99 things I love list. I swear, it gets easier and quicker each time I do this – and I think that shows how great the exercise is, both as a way to help you think positive AND as a tool to help you open up your mind to write (especially if you are suffering from the dreaded writers block).

And if you are up to it, why not share your list with me. I’d love to read it! »

A lovely Hello from one of the curious Koi fish of the Japanese pavillion au Jardin Botanique de Montreal.

Here we go!

  1. My Family. You know who you are and I Love You.
  2. My Friends. Once more, you know who you are!
  3. Fur Babies! My pets, past, present and future!
  4. Crisp Autumn Mornings when it’s sunny but still a bit foggy. Beautifully Inspiring and Peacefull Aura.
  5. Warm, Rainy, Summer Days. Yep! I like em’ Hot and Wet. Sunshine is Over Rated.
  6. Silence. Sometimes it really is golden. P.S. I stole this one. But it was wonderfully put.
  7. Going to Concerts. Especially Rock and Metal Shows. It’s rather cathartic to me.
  8. Candles. I love the soft light they emit. If they are scented – even better.
  9. Incense. The lovely aromas. Watching the smoke rise in it’s intricate dance like a well choreographed Ballet.
  10. Tea and Tisanes. The different tastes, colors, textures, properties, aromas. Also the History of Tea, Rituals around Tea Drinking and of course Tea Duels and Teapot Racing!
  11. Floating Around. I do not mean truely swimming. I really mean Lazying Around in a Pool or Other Body of Water Large Enough for me to Float in.
  12. Elderberry and Elderflower. Anything to do with Eldertree actually. It’s a bit of a Family Affair.
  13. Soft Toys. I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with soft squishy plushy things.
  14. Meeting a kindred spirit.
  15. Also in the category of unhealthy obsessions: Snowglobes. I am always mezmerised by the sparklies floating around in apparent near zero gravity.
  16. Steampunk! The Counter Culture of my Soul! What Creativity to be found within the Worlds of Steampunk!
  17. Goth Aesthetic and Culture. A little (or a lot) of Darkness Never hurt Anyone! Did it?
  18. Reading. Escaping, at least momentarily, into a different dimension.
  19. Date nights! Because everyone deserves to be treated Like a Queen, Goddess, Princess, etc…Every now and Again! EVERYONE! Yes even the Dudes! (Inclusive Feminism Forever!)
  20. Painting. Recently mostly Ceramic Painting actually. I really enjoy being able to use my art.
  21. GISH and All Things Gishy! All Hail the Overlord Misha Collins! Also. Why?
  22. Dancing. Namely Dancing around the house like an Idiot. But also Dancing in General.
  23. Science. It’s Freakin’ Interesting! Even if My poor little Brain will likely never truely comprehend an Iota of the implications of said Science. I still think it’s freaking Cool!
  24. Snuggling at night in a freshly made bed. Something we don’t get to do enough of really.
  25. Flower Gardens, Gardens, Well Kept Parks… etc. There is something about the Care and Attention Given to the Natural world in Gardens that Makes me very Happy. Also Nature Reserves and Safe Habitats for Flora and Fauna.
  26. Warm, cozy snuggle-worthy blankets.
  27. Sweets. Mainly Chocolate. I’m Hypnoglycemic. as in I see sugar and I want to eat it.
  28. Shiny Things. (Jewelry) I must have been a crow or a niffler in a previous lifetime because I just stop and stare whenever I come accross well presented jewelry shop windows. Or well decorated people. Which can get kind of creepy… oh well.
  29. A Good Disscussion where people understand that Debating a point of view does not mean you necessarily share said point of view, and that Debating does not Equate to Argueing (?spellcheck anyone?)
  30. Old Books, Particularly if they are LeatherBound. They have a beauty and a smell to them that simply cannot be imitated.
  31. A good movie on the big screen with warm, salty, buttery popcorn and a coke.
  32. Well Written and Produced Music. It is becoming quite a Rarity these days.
  33. Excellent, Live, Vocals and Vocalists. I Respect the Talent and Work that goes into sounding better Live than in Studio.
  34. WhiteZinfandel wine. It’s a Rosé.
  35. Heaters in winter. Especially the outdoor, firepit, variety.
  36. Gaming. As in, DnD style,TableTop,Nerdy as Hell, Gaming.
  37. A summer storm on a balmy night. Actually Storms in General.
  38. The sound of rain on a tin roof.
  39. Crunching fallen leaves underfoot.
  40. A binge-worthy TV series… Supernatural, Doctor Who… there are so many.
  41. Watching My BF and BFF Play Video Games and help them with puzzles etc. … I’m just not the best at them so I prefer to let the experts have fun!
  42. Random Things.
  43. Making people smile.
  44. Laughter, one of the keys to happiness.
  45. Music.
  46. Food Art. You know, the edible stuff of dreams.
  47. Wind chimes. Especially well tuned ones.
  48. Sleeping in and waking up naturally without a sleep hangover.
  49. Hitting the open road for a road trip with the car windows down and the music up loud. Driver Picks the Music, Shotgun shuts their Cakehole. unless I’m Shotgun, then I pick the Music.
  50. Having energy. It’s rare, but when I have it it is glorious!
  51. The colour Purple or Mauve – most shades.
  52. Makeup, Body Paint, and Visual effects Stage Makeup.
  53. Creative Dressing.
  54. Campfires.
  55. Travelling. anywhere.
  56. Cooking For People when it is not an Obligation.
  57. Floating Things. Boats, Rubber Ducks,… It is a curious phenomena.
  58. Bubbles.
  59. Squishy Hotel Beds I don’t have to make afterwards.
  60. A good pillow.
  61. Jumping out of a shower into a nice fluffy towel fresh from the dryer.
  62. Giving Compliments to Random Strangers.
  63. Watching their reactions to said Compliments. XD
  64. Religions. Or more precicely, the Subject of Religions, Philosophies and why people Think the Way they do. It is inherently interesting to me. A bit like Science.
  65. Buffalo Plaid. Yep. Red and Black Squares, Buffalo Plaid.
  66. Certain hangouts of mine where I feel welcome, Stores, Boutiques, Spots in Town and or out of Town etc. I’ll get into each one eventually but yep. Love me a nice cozy spot.
  67. Smaller Non-Profits and the people who work there pro-bono. For Example: l’Association Steampunk du Quebec.
  68. When kids use Fancy Words Correctly out of nowhere and surprise the living bejeebees out of everyone in the room. It’s Glorious.
  69. Lemon curd. Lemon meringue. Lemon cheesecake. Lemon tarts.
  70. The smell of freshly washed clothes.
  71. Wearing boots in winter.
  72. A long walk in the countryside.
  73. Hayao Myasaki and Studio Ghibli’s Work.
  74. A Little Thing called Instant Karma. The Concept of Karma or Law of Return etc. is great in and of itself and quite satisfying. But there is something about the Immediate Repercussions of Instant Karma that is just that much more fun.
  75. Fancy OldWorld Terminology and Definitions.
  76. Finding the perfect spot of sun on a winter’s day to sit and bask in.
  77. Star gazing, watching for shooting stars, satellites, and constellations.
  78. Random Trivia. It’s Fun to know strange things.
  79. Cards Versus Humanity, L’Osti de Jeu, and ALL of their forms and Variants. Un excellent defoulatoire.
  80. Boxes. Especially pretty decorative ones.
  81. Freshly washed and dried hair, preferably washed and blow-dried by someone else and accompanied by a head massage!
  82. Halloween Season.
  83. Gift-giving.
  84. Scrollly things like old Keys, Clockwork Hands, Paisley and Lace Patterns, etc…
  85. Finally having the confidence to speak my mind, do what I want, and say NO.
  86. Seeing my favourite artists and people LIVE and in the flesh.
  87. Naps. When they are not necessary out of exhaustion.
  88. Bird watching. I love watching birds as they fly freely, soar, play, forage, paddle, perch and sleep.
  89. Animals. The world is so rich with life and wonder.
  90. Ink and Plumes (Fountain Pens)
  91. Also Fancy Writing, (could this register as scrolly things?)
  92. Freshly baked bread Lathered with melted buttery goodness and eaten whilst still warm. (I may or may not be hungry…)
  93. Gagets. examples: camping utensils, reusable straws, tooth pick crossbows etc.
  94. Cheese.
  95. The smell of freshly ground Coffee with Cardamom.
  96. A Good Flowy skirt or Dress.
  97. TaiChi and QiGong,
  98. Also LightSaber Combat. i.e. Watching My BF MOVE. He is ridiculously Gracefull.
  99. Playing with animals. (i.e. entertaining a ferret who insists on being picked up by Moi, Cats vs Lasers, Playing  » i’m gonna get you » with my neighbours’ hyperactive chihuahua, etc…)
Beautiful artwork by LukeBailey

« Now it’s over to you to write your very own 99 Things You Love list?

And do you know the best thing about this exercise? Once completed, you will have your very own list of 99 writing prompts, perfect for journaling, blogging and more! »

Mama Swinging Lazy

My First Blog Post

Wait For It…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

An Inkling of an Intro

This is my very first attempt at a so-called  » Blog ». As such I would like to start things off right by stating I have no clue what I`m doing.

I will be attempting to publish posts at a Minimal rate of Once per Week. I have no experience of graphic design so please don’t pay too much attention to how my blog looks. Don’t worry, Ill get to posting some of my Photos eventually. I’m mostly here to encourage those I think could use it and give my own two cents about what I like and what is going on in the world. Love, Liberty and Other Things the Fairies Stole is a name that I stole off of a  »create your own book title » style FaceBook post but I felt like it was bizzarrely appropriate for me.


  • Because Love and Liberty are two subjects near and dear to my heart and soul that I beleive deserve as much attention as they can get.
  • Because literally every other subject matter on the face of the earth, universe, multiverse and beyond is fully coverable under items the Fairies have Stolen at one point or another and if you disagree I invite you to fight me (or them) via the comment section.

I guess I could have chosen to write all of these lovelies privately. I, however, require accountabillity, and thats where our dear friend the Internet (you all whomeveryouare) comes in! Also I want to Curate a space where I can showcase the People (artists, authors, actors, gishers, etc...) and Stuff (Art, photos, texts, quotes, random acts of kindness(or weirdness whichever)) I appreciate. Or don‘t XD.

A few guidelines to help you not get lost in the dark forest (I hope to follow these but good luck) :

  • If the title sounds like  » Rant Incoming » or similar: Run! or Assume I’m going to be venting about something I dislike. You may ignore these. Or give constructive criticism as to why I am wrong via the comment section.
  • If it is a reblog you`ll know it. I will quote (as much as is humanely possible) the sources and link directly to where I found whatever it is ( if I can figure out how to do that, that being said)
  • If you are a creative peep or know creative peeps, and feel like they would fit right in with the stuff I like. LET ME KNOW FOR PEEP’S SAKE!!!! send em’ my way! I always love discovering new things!
  • If you see CAPITAL LETTERS, assume I’m actually yelling at my screen or really wish to emphasise that word or subject.

Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. So that is just what this is! I`ll figure it out as I go from here, but eh, gotta start somewhere!

Une dernière chose: si vous trouvez des choses en Français c’est normal! Je suis multilingue et ne vais pas commencer a traduire tout ce que j’écris constamment! Cela dit, si vous ne comprenez pas quelquechose ou voulez des clarifications, hésitez pas à me le demander, ça va me faire plaisir de vous en parler! Ok so just this once: One last detail: I speak and understand more than one language so If y’all find things in English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Latin or someotherdeadlanguagelardforbid please just ask me about it if necessary! I’m not translating everything that comes out and I am not translating other’s material either! but Ill be happy to clarify anything if you ask so dont be a stranger!


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